Troll Moors

The Troll Moors

Originally, the Moors were a sunlit hills of shallow water-ways interrupted by large patches of dry land covered in short grasses and peat.  They were often grazed by sheep herders and also supported herds of goats and cows.

Legends say that a young noble took interest of a herder's daughter renowned for her beauty.  He grew frustrated that she would not allow him to have her without being married first, so he lured her out into the moors one afternoon.  He raped her and left her there to be found by a traveling wizard.  He nursed her back to health and fell in love with her.  When she was able, they returned to her family, but the family wanted nothing to do with her any longer due to her shame.  Appalled by the situation, the wizard granted the woman a single wish from his enchanted ring.  She wished to have the young noble and all that had done her wrong transformed on the outside into the hideous and wicked trolls that they were inside.  And with the spell cast, the woman realized she shared the wizard's love.  They traveled far away together, never to return… but the Trolls remained, stalking the Moors.  Where they passed, their vitriol and anger corrupted the land – turning it into a stinking bog of muck.

Today, with the exception of the River Aranor that passed through it, the Moors are a flat, fetid bog where trolls and goblinoids scratch out their existance.

Troll Moors

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