Heartgrain Oak

Heartgrain Oak


While not a true evergreen, the Heartgrain Oak retains its leaves throughout most of the year, renewing them in early spring.  The bark is dark, thick, and furrowed longitudinally.  The leaves are stiff and leathery, with the tops shiny dark green and the bottoms pale gray.

Growing between 65-75 feet with canopies stretching over 90 feet wide, their massive limbs are thick and plentiful.


Heartgrain is unique in that the fibers are extremely strong and fine.  Heartgrain strength is similar to iron yet is buoyant and lightweight.  


Heartgrain was primarily used in ship building but has also been used in framing the beams of the famous vaulted mansions of many Sembian nobles.  When used in furniture, the fine grain is highlighted with deep stains.
Heartgrain has been used for wooden shields that are lighter and stronger than many metal ones.

Heartgrain Oak

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